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My Christmas Angels

Angels I believe in Angels; Angels in Heaven and Angels on Earth. This is a story about love and hope; about messages from above and the Angels that walk on our path each day. The Penn Rose Quilting Guild is made up of wonderful women who share the love of sewing fabric together to make beautiful quilts. I could go on and […]

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Bring on the Hope

The day started as every other day, I got up, got my coffee and turned on the news. There it was as it has been for the last year but getting more frequent, more disturbing, more of the same thing;  the candidates  stumping for votes. I turned on another news channel and listened to a newscaster talking about several murders, robberies, […]

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Mountains to Climb

Beautiful mountains laced with trees, hide the tears that no one sees. Mountains tall, mountains small, mountains hiding the pain of all. Everyone climbs a mountain each day, feeling stress, fears, loss,and led astray. Don’t forget the dreams that meander like a stream tickling our soul, waiting patiently to play the role. Take one step and then another, the mountain […]

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