My Life with Barrett’s Esophagus

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, Barrett’s for short.  I was suffering from a daily upset stomach, and thought I might have an ulcer.  I also suffered from bouts of heartburn.  One night, the heartburn was so terrific, I thought I would vomit.  Of course, being stubborn, I just took more antacids.  It was not unusual for me to eat, eight to ten antacids, or more,  four to five days a week. My family and friends, gave me advice on how to “fix” the problem.  I tried eating a soft bland diet, drinking more milk, raising the head of my bed, and even, sitting up in my recliner to sleep. Nothing worked; in fact, the heartburn got worse.  The last straw came, when I could not drink a glass of water, without getting extreme heartburn.  I knew I had to stop being stubborn and get to the bottom of the problem. The next day, I was telling our school secretary about the heartburn, and my stomach discomfort.  She told me about a wonderful gastroenterologist, her husband, Paul, was seeing for digestive issues.  The more I listened, the more I wanted to  learn about this doctor.  So, after doing some research, and talking to my family doctor, I gave his practice a call and set up an appointment. The first appointment was to meet with him, discuss the problem, and make a plan.  He suggested an endoscopy to help with the diagnosis.  Within a week, I walked through the doors of […]

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