On Monday, I wrote a short story titled, Messy Cookie Monday. My story was about a disastrous day making and baking cookies. I am proud to say, that this evening, I finished all the cookies, and the flour actually stayed in the bowl!  And now for Wonderful Wednesday. I had a great Wednesday, and sinceContinue reading “WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY”


Today’s Christmas story is about super earth angels who make a difference each Christmas. Their loving hearts help to brighten the lives of those who are less fortunate, lonely, patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters. And of course, we cannot forget our furry friends who reside in animal shelters. These angels busy preparing forContinue reading “SUPER ANGELS SUNDAY”


This Christmas story is about a woman, my grandmother, Mary Rustine Transue. For the purpose of this story, I will refer to her as Mary. However, she lives in my heart, as Memmy. Mary was the Mother of fifteen children. She was hardworking and dedicated to her family and friends. Mary was filled with aContinue reading “FABULOUS MARY FRIDAY”


Today, was a beautiful day! First, I enjoyed a lovely luncheon with forty loving, generous women. Each one is a beautiful quilter. Later, I had the privilege of sharing dinner with ten great women who make up the Washington Township Ladies Auxiliary. I am part of both of these unique groups. However, delicious food, wonderfulContinue reading “WELCOME WREATH WEDNESDAY”