It might be November 1st, but you certainly couldn’t tell by the weather. Today felt like the beginning of September.  I must admit that I enjoyed doing my errands with a light jacket. In fact, I ended up leaving it in my car. It was just too warm.  As I shopped for my groceries, IContinue reading “TIME IS PRECIOUS THURSDAY”

A Skyler Letter; Be Brave and Courageous

Skyler was my great-grandson. He was born on July 1, 2016. He was a beautiful baby boy with the sweetest smile and dark baby blue eyes that could melt an iceberg. Skyler was pure love. He was perfect. On July 29th, Skyler made his journey to heaven. He was twenty-nine days old.  We loved himContinue reading “A Skyler Letter; Be Brave and Courageous”

For the Love of Christmas Trees

I am a hoarder of Christmas trees. There I said it! I love everything about them; size, shapes, aroma, and the feel of the needles.  Now I must confess, that most of my trees are artificial, however, I always include two-four foot table top live trees.  The scent of those two trees carries me backContinue reading “For the Love of Christmas Trees”

Skyler and the Harvest Message

 Today is October 29, 2017.  Fifteen months ago, my great-grandson Skyler made his journey to heaven. He was born on July 1, 2016. It was a warm summer’s day with a deep blue sky and not a cloud in sight. The birds were singing as if they knew something wonderful was about to happen toContinue reading “Skyler and the Harvest Message”

Minestrone for the Heart

Minestrone is an Italian soup filled with a variety of vegetables and ditalini noodles. Some like to add meat as well to this delicious soup. You can order it in any Italian restaurant or make it at home. It is great served with crusty bread and a glass of your favorite wine. Delizioso! This is whereContinue reading “Minestrone for the Heart”

Skyler and the Palm Sunday Letter

Babies are a special gift from God. A gift to be loved and cherished every day of their lives. Our little gift was born on July 1, 2016.  Oh, how we loved this little guy with his bright eyes and a smile that warmed every corner of our hearts.  Little did we know that onContinue reading “Skyler and the Palm Sunday Letter”

There are No Steps Here!

You might think this is a story about wooden steps leading from one floor to another, or concrete steps leading outdoors, but to the contrary, it is a story about a tall thin man who fell in love with a beautiful single mother with soft blue eyes and auburn hair.  The man’s name was Leartis,Continue reading “There are No Steps Here!”