Today is Sunday, May 19th. The weather cooperated with a bright blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a yellow sun that warmed everything it touched; including me. As I stepped outside, the beautiful colors of pink Azealas, purple Rhododendrons, almost full bloom white Peonies, and deep blue and gold Irises filled my vision with aContinue reading “THE COLORS OF JOY AND HAPPINESS”


It’s that time of the year again. Time for all the gardening magazines to take over our mailboxes. Time to start thinking and planning another season of flowers, fruit, and vegetables. This past week, as I sat looking through a few of the seed magazines while enjoying a hot cup of tea, an idea poppedContinue reading “THE BOUNTY OF YOUR GARDEN”


It’s the night before Valentine’s Day, and love is starting to fill the air with heightening anticipation of the celebration, that happens every year on February 14th. Children will carry cute little cards to share with their classmates, flowers will be chosen and given to loved ones, couples will enjoy a delicious dinner at theirContinue reading “WAVE OF LOVE WEDNESDAY”

Spring Into Easter

This is not a story about Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and brightly colored eggs. It is not about  beautiful Easter outfits, hats, and shoes that go with the season. This is a story that started two days before Palm Sunday when I walked home from my art class on a sunny, windyContinue reading “Spring Into Easter”

The Many Faces of Hope, Faith and Love

This is a story about hope, faith and love; and, the lessons, changes, and miracles that can happen when we believe. Hope………. The definition of hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a sure thing to happen.  The archaic description: a sense of trust. Those who are less fortunate……….. I like to help others.  One ofContinue reading “The Many Faces of Hope, Faith and Love”