This morning, when I got up, I poured my coffee gave it a splash of french vanilla, then headed into my tv room to watch the morning news. My heart broke as I watched and heard the devastation resulting from a tornado that ransacked through the states of Alabama and Georgia. I cannot imagine theContinue reading “THE BEAUTY OF A WINTER’S DAY”


It was early Monday morning when I got the call. A frantic call. A call that would change and break my heart. The caller, my brother-in-law, short words; she is in the ambulance, they can’t revive her. That was all.  “They can’t revive her.”  Stunned, what was happening? My youngest sister? No, it can’t be!Continue reading “DEAR LORD HEAR MY PRAYER”


This story is one of the most difficult I have ever written, but it is one that I believe will help others. I have written a few stories about my grandson. A grandson who is dealing with mental illness.  This story is about a twenty-five-minute car ride that stretched out to be much more than IContinue reading “I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE”

The Day Hope Came to Town

The Day Hope Came to Town is a continuation of a story I wrote titled, The Crosses of Hope. I  hope you will enjoy the next chapter in the lives of Ben, Lizzy, and Beth Thompson and their selflessness, acceptance, and an abundance of love for everyone they meet.            Continue reading “The Day Hope Came to Town”

Bring on the Hope

The day started as every other day, I got up, got my coffee and turned on the news. There it was as it has been for the last year but getting more frequent, more disturbing, more of the same thing;  the candidates  stumping for votes. I turned on another news channel and listened to a newscasterContinue reading “Bring on the Hope”

The Many Faces of Hope, Faith and Love

This is a story about hope, faith and love; and, the lessons, changes, and miracles that can happen when we believe. Hope………. The definition of hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a sure thing to happen.  The archaic description: a sense of trust. Those who are less fortunate……….. I like to help others.  One ofContinue reading “The Many Faces of Hope, Faith and Love”