Tonight I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with my sister, Donna, and her husband, Albert. It is always a pleasure when family members get together. However, this story is about friends; church friends, neighbor friends, and new friends. It’s about the teens and parents working together; serving a meal, clearing the plates, and offeringContinue reading “WHEN FRIENDS GATHER”


This was a tailor-made day! A beauty, a day with plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and warmer than usual temperatures.  Not bad for December 27th. This kind of day always rejuvenates me, especially after the busyness of Christmas.  As I thought about today’s story, two words, tailor-made, kept creeping back into my thoughts.  This isContinue reading “TAILOR MADE THURSDAY”


The story I am about to tell you has a lot to do with the attached picture. From time to time, as you are reading, glance at the picture as a reminder of my words. All through our lives, all of us have experienced: ups and downs, laughter and tears, loss and gains, sickness andContinue reading “STANDOUT SATURDAY”

Then Someone Yelled, “Bingo!”

Yes, I am writing a short story about the game of bingo but it is not what you might think it is. Yes, it has daubers, bingo papers, the caller, hot dogs, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, and of course the prizes. Yes, it has excited ladies and a few men wishing and hopingContinue reading “Then Someone Yelled, “Bingo!””

A Journey Down a Winding Path

 Before we were born, God planned our path. A path that would take twists and turns and introduce us to family, friends, and perfect strangers.  A path that would lead us on a journey of discovery, dreams, sadness, hurt,  happiness, wellness, illness, death, excitement, wonder, work, play, and love.   A path that would be unpredictableContinue reading “A Journey Down a Winding Path”