A Sprinkle Here, A Sprinkle There

Did you ever have a day when everything seemed to go wrong? A day you didn’t know which way to turn? Then as the day wore on, something good happened. Maybe it was just something small that warmed your heart. Maybe someone smiled or said an encouraging word. Perhaps that little something that warmed yourContinue reading “A Sprinkle Here, A Sprinkle There”


I love writing Skyler’s Letters. What started out as a comfort to me now has evolved into bringing peace and comfort to many who have suffered the loss of a child, regardless of their age. The Harvest Message was originally written and published in October 2017­­­. Skyler was born on July 1, 2016. It wasContinue reading “THE HARVEST LETTER”


When my children were little, I  enjoyed every minute with them. I loved watching them grow, witnessing their, oh so different personalities, listening to their dreams and wishes, and experiencing their loving hearts.  They were kind children who grew into even more compassionate adults. They were taught at a young age to be responsible, andContinue reading “FROM MY HEART FRIDAY”


Today was beautiful and tonight even better. I enjoy sitting on my front porch as the sun starts to descend; inching down, shadows, and shades of evening changing into the night.  I think it is God’s way of easing us into the darkness. Then, suddenly, the thick inked sky comes to life with millions of shimmeringContinue reading “STARRY NIGHT SATURDAY”


Today was a lovely day, even though it was a little warm.  My husband and I had lunch out on this Tuesday.  It is something special we enjoy doing; perhaps a little too much.  None the less, it was a great time. Today, there seemed to be more senior citizens and more children than usual. OurContinue reading “TOUCHED MY HEART TUESDAY”