A Sprinkle Here, A Sprinkle There

Did you ever have a day when everything seemed to go wrong? A day you didn’t know which way to turn? Then as the day wore on, something good happened. Maybe it was just something small that warmed your heart. Maybe someone smiled or said an encouraging word. Perhaps that little something that warmed yourContinue reading “A Sprinkle Here, A Sprinkle There”


I love children; always have. Even as a child, I enjoyed it when a baby cousin accompanied an aunt or uncle visiting our home. I always thought babies had their own uniqueness; soft skin, sparkling eyes, and a sweet, fresh smell all their own. Unless they needed a diaper change! My love for children continuedContinue reading “FOR THE LOVE OF CHILDREN”


Tonight when I took my evening walk, I noticed some dandelions were already getting their little white puff heads.  As I stopped to take a few pictures, memories of young children, blowing feather-light seeds while giggling at the distance their little gems traveled, brought a smile to my face. When I arrived home, I satContinue reading “DANDELIONS PUFFS”


 In today’s world, there is undoubtedly a lot of sadness, confusion, dangerous situations, homelessness, those who are lost, those who are dealing with devastating illnesses, weariness, grieving the loss of a loved one, and those who have lost faith, hope, and love. I know I’m starting this story on the heavy side, but bear withContinue reading “SHINE YOUR LIGHT”