This morning, as I was taking down one of my trees, something grabbed my attention.  I actually walked to the window and listened. There around my bird feeder was a beautiful gathering of birds. Some were eating, and some were perched on the railing of my deck singing their little hearts out. It brought a smileContinue reading “THANKFUL TENDER TUESDAY”


This story is one of the most difficult I have ever written, but it is one that I believe will help others. I have written a few stories about my grandson. A grandson who is dealing with mental illness.  This story is about a twenty-five-minute car ride that stretched out to be much more than IContinue reading “I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE”

I’ll Love You Forever and a Day

I’ll love you in the good times. I’ll love you in the bad times. And, I’ll love you in all the in-between times. This is a story about the love of a grandmother for her grandson struggling with mental illness. But, before we get to the diagnosis, we have to start this story from theContinue reading “I’ll Love You Forever and a Day”

Just a Little Faith

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Typhoons. Destruction. Death. Homeless. Rampant Drugs. Hunger. Thirst. Hate. Bullying. Heartbreak. None Accepting. Mental Illness. Guns. Deaths. Gangs. Fear. Major Fires. Anxiety. Hopelessness. Tears. And More Deaths.   Pick up the paper on any given day and you probably can read an article about any of the above mentioned. It is very easyContinue reading “Just a Little Faith”

Children are a Special Gift

I love children; always have. Even as a child, I enjoyed when a baby cousin accompanied an aunt or uncle visiting our home. I always thought babies had their own uniqueness; soft skin, sparkling eyes, and a sweet, fresh smell all their own. Unless they needed a diaper change! My love for children continued asContinue reading “Children are a Special Gift”