What My Teapot Taught Me

This is a story about a teapot. It is not a teapot to boil water for a nice cup of hot tea; or a decorative; sit on the shelf teapot. It is a beautiful pink teapot, not a bright pink, or a fuchsia,  but more of a dusty rose. My teapot has a very old fashion look with little round openings below a flower design, that circles the neck of the pot. This special teapot is electric, with a small bulb, that warms the little dish, holding a square shaped piece of wax. As the wax melts, it fills the air with the most delicious scent that tantalizes you into thinking about sugar cookies. Warmth………… I light the teapot every night. The glow from the openings actually gives off a light that shines in many directions. It warms my heart to see the little tiny rays circling around the pot, bringing light where there was darkness. I am not judging…….. Each day, as I read my newspaper, watch the news on the television and listen to the radio, I am reminded, how different people are today.  Although there are many kind and loving people, there seems to be  just as many, who appear to be lost. I am baffled at the hate some folks have in their hearts. I  just do not understand…….. I struggle with the lack of respect and empathy towards anyone who is different.  It breaks my heart when children and adults are bullied to the point, where the individual debates suicide. Elder abuse is increasing. How sad for those older men and women made to endure pain […]

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