Skyler’s Letter; Tears From Heaven

Today is November 29, 2017. Sixteen months ago, my precious great-grandson made his journey to heaven. His name was Skyler and he was only twenty-nine days old. This is my twenty-first letter to Skyler.  I originally started journaling to help me with the grief I was feeling. However, the more I journaled the more I wanted to shareContinue reading “Skyler’s Letter; Tears From Heaven”

Skyler and the Golden Thread that Binds

Today is August 29, 2017. Thirteen months ago, my precious little great-grandson Skyler took his beautiful journey to Heaven. He was twenty-nine days old when Jesus and the Angels held him in their arms and took him to his new home, where everything is beautiful and there is no pain. A place filled with peaceContinue reading “Skyler and the Golden Thread that Binds”

Skyler and the Special Promise

   July 1, 2016, was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, the sky was a shade of blue that made your heart skip a beat, and the birds sang some mighty pretty songs.  I believe nature was celebrating the birth of a special little baby, named Skyler James.  Skyler was a beautiful little babyContinue reading “Skyler and the Special Promise”