Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Tonight, as I took my walk, a walk that I have made many, many times, something incredible happened to me. Maybe it was the time of day, the perfect walking temperature, or the color of the blossoms on many of the trees and bushes I passed. Perhaps it was the beautiful church hymns floating fromContinue reading “Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock”

Skyler’s Easter Message

Easter; the day Jesus was resurrected; the day He triumphed over death, the day He was able to send the Holy Spirit to continue  His work on earth and the day He gave us all a living hope. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us and showing us Your mercy and compassion. Skyler James wasContinue reading “Skyler’s Easter Message”

Happy Spring, Skyler

Skyler James was born on July 1, 2016. It was a beautiful day with a summer sky that could melt your heart. Skyler was a perfect little baby with an instant charm that radiated like white clouds softly drifting in the sky.  Little did we know that this precious little guy who stole our heartsContinue reading “Happy Spring, Skyler”

Walking with My Shadow

Three weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take a walk after dinner. Since I am recuperating from a bad fall, we decided to take a short walk around a nearby track. The sun was beautiful that evening. It felt warm on my face, as I walked into the sun and warm on myContinue reading “Walking with My Shadow”

Spring Into Easter

This is not a story about Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and brightly colored eggs. It is not about  beautiful Easter outfits, hats, and shoes that go with the season. This is a story that started two days before Palm Sunday when I walked home from my art class on a sunny, windyContinue reading “Spring Into Easter”