Today is Sunday, May 19th. The weather cooperated with a bright blue sky, white puffy clouds, and a yellow sun that warmed everything it touched; including me. As I stepped outside, the beautiful colors of pink Azealas, purple Rhododendrons, almost full bloom white Peonies, and deep blue and gold Irises filled my vision with aContinue reading “THE COLORS OF JOY AND HAPPINESS”

To a “T” Tree Thursday

On December 6th, I wrote a short story titled, Truthful Thankful Thursday. It was a story about my love of Christmas trees.  Did you know that a Gremlin lives in my attic?  Well, not really, but my husband kind of thinks the little guy exists.  To him, it is the only explanation for a largeContinue reading “To a “T” Tree Thursday”

In the Midst of the Breeze

On any given day, there is a breeze blowing somewhere. Sometimes the breeze is cool, sometimes the breeze is warm, and sometimes the breeze is down right hot or cold.  Sometimes the breeze catches our breath and takes us back to another time, a happy time, and sometimes the breeze brings tears to our eyesContinue reading “In the Midst of the Breeze”